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How to Succeed at Business Blogging – What’s Your Blog Identity?

Blogging for your business is all the rage and rightly so. Millions of people are searching on the internet and most people are reading at least one blog a day to help answer a problem or meet a need that they have. So, it just makes good business sense to create a blog for your business.But, before you jump into the blogosphere feet first I’d like you to pause for a moment and do two things that will save you a lot of headache later on: think about the blog you want to build with your head and then your heart. The number 1 thing you must identify for your blog before you start business blogging is what is your blogs identity.Put some thought into it (head)
1. What’s the product or service your business offers? Describe it in two very short sentences.
2. Who’s the target audience for your product or service?
3. What’s the goal for your blog? (Answer can be found in What’s the goal for your business)(Go ahead, jot down some answers for all three questions)Put some feeling into it (heart)
1. What are the 3 biggest challenges your target audience faces?
2. What value will your readers receive from reading your blog?
3. What do solutions do you want your readers to experience from reading your blog?(Go ahead, jot down some answers to all three questions.)Before you focus on sales or hundreds of readers visiting your blog on a daily basis, you should think with your head and then your heart to determine your blogs identity. Your blogs identity is it’s purpose or mission. Once you have that part figured out than you can start designing your business blog to meet the realistic needs and desires of the community you’d like to attract.